Saturday, August 28, 2010

DFS presents Taskhaya at Butterfly Studios

Feels like forever since I updated my blog but im sticking to my once a  week deadline. The last DFS Show was held on the 5th August at Butterfly Studios.We were given the upstairs section to work with. This proved to be an interesting yet creative challenge because the venue had many corners and angles to consider for choreography. The clothes were subtle with strong femine tones, very natural colours and the entire show had a walking on air feel. This is exactly what the Tashkaya label is about. Pure bliss, eternal happiness and a carefree but peaceful mentality. Enjoy the pictures.

Our DFS 2nd Series Finale is happening on Saturday, 4th September at Misael's Art Gallery. Its not to be missed and my recent check on the guest-list is proving it true. Please RSVP at if you are coming!

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