Saturday, August 28, 2010

DFS presents Taskhaya at Butterfly Studios

Feels like forever since I updated my blog but im sticking to my once a  week deadline. The last DFS Show was held on the 5th August at Butterfly Studios.We were given the upstairs section to work with. This proved to be an interesting yet creative challenge because the venue had many corners and angles to consider for choreography. The clothes were subtle with strong femine tones, very natural colours and the entire show had a walking on air feel. This is exactly what the Tashkaya label is about. Pure bliss, eternal happiness and a carefree but peaceful mentality. Enjoy the pictures.

Our DFS 2nd Series Finale is happening on Saturday, 4th September at Misael's Art Gallery. Its not to be missed and my recent check on the guest-list is proving it true. Please RSVP at if you are coming!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DFS: Behind the Scenes...

So I thought I should post a few pictures  taken backstage in preparation for our DFS shows. The one thing about producing a fashion show is that there is a lot of waiting involved. Models get into hair and make up followed by waiting, rehearsals, waiting, fittings, touch ups more waiting etc.... Here are a few pictures to demonstrate just that!

Iskapie @ Cappello's
Models dressed in A-list.
Models looking nervous in Nazir Mohammed's collection.
Shannon doing the make up for the Tashkaya show.
The models waiting and relaxing before the show starts!
Our Scar team doing hair.

 Hope you enjoyed a few shots from our past few DFS Shows! These pictures are all courtesy photographer Andrew Berry. For more pictures of the DFS shows click HERE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DFS Nazir and A-list!

Our DFS show on the 21st July was held at Ftv Cape Town. The 2 designers we showcased were Nazir and A list. 

A-List ♥ 110 Long Street, Cape Town ♥

►A high octane blend of the best in local & international fashion and has
been featured in various magazine and fashion shoots incl COSMO & ELLE.
►Dressed the likes of Jeanie D for a Top Billing Cover Shoot


Nazir ♥ See for Stockists/Designer Contact

► Very feminine seductive clothing with irresitible fabrics
► Featured in various magazines
► Dresses the likes of Lira, Natalie Becker


This show truly pushed Couture Concept's creativity as the venue had many features to play around with. The show was a success as many Fashionista's came out to support. Thank you to both Designers and to the DFS team, Scar Hair and Andrea who did make up for assisting.