Monday, May 17, 2010

DFS 12th May Iskapie & IVNMC

The second DFS Show took place on Wednesday, 12 May at Cappello. The show featured two designers – Iskapie, an urban street African label and IVNMC, a new age label focusing on structure based on architectural principles.

The venue re-created a classic fashion show atmoshphere as the shows had more than just standard collections to showcase.The show was opened by the Mistress of Ceremonies, Ntombe Vabaza who gave this DFS Fashion Show a comfortable, yet energetic atmosphere. 

Iskapie’s collection was opened by hip hop group Illskillz who have recently been featured in Elle magazine. Illskillz is slowly becoming the next best thing in SA music and they proved this by their smooth lyrics and stellar performance, perfect for Iskapie’s eclectic street collection. Iskapie’s unisex collection had a stronger male presence with more male clothing being showed. The men all walked barefoot, which expressed a distinct, yet childlike township sentiment. The men wore shorts in shapes that were both skinny and wide at the hip for a more audacious look. Shirts and well tailored jackets doubling up as coats finished off the look. Iskapie was not shy of splurging on deep reds, blues and purples. For the woman, Iskapie showcased short dresses that were simple and well suited on every model’s body. Iskapie chose to be more reserved with colour using mostly grey tones. His clothes embodied a well thought of, untypical street wear collection.

IVNMC’s show was a spectacular display of fashion and art. The show started with the Designer spray painting his label`s name on the white sheet that covered the stage backdrop. When the music started, IVNMC used a scissor to cut out an opening for the models to walk through. The collection was based on layering, with structural garments making its way down the runway. Ivan’s concept of using 3 models and a reversal of the (de)layering idea, gave the audience an alluring feel for what was to come. IVNMC’s collection consisted of various types of garment; vests, tights, skinnies, jedi skirts and cavalier jackets in an array of fabrics and strong attention to detail. IVNMC showcased 15 looks through the de-layering process. The models were well suited to express IVNM’s artistic flair and his vision for his collection.

The 2nd DFS show proved to be another success with the venue filled to capacity. DFS is becoming a phenomenon in the Cape Town Fashion Scene with consistent bi-weekly shows. With this venture creating such a buzz, fashion lovers and industry professionals are beginning to pay attention. 

The next show is happening on the 26th May at Cappello, so make sure you book your seat early at For more information, please join the Facebook fan page. 

Design for Style is truly moving forward!

Picture credits on this blog entry go to Amy Wessels.


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  1. Wow these clothes are amazing! I am sorry I missed the 2nd show, but I am glad I was at the 3rd one last week. : ) X